It’s Hump Day

Ever had one of those days where you’re in your car, cranked up ready to go, and then you think:

Did I put my deodorant on today?


Well, that was me this morning and now I had a dilemma.  See, when my husband and I bought our house four years ago, it was owned by a former credit union manager and CFO of the local military installation in our community.  This guy must’ve been a real stickler for security because he had a doorbell installed that sounded every time the front and back doors opened.  You know the ones like some small Mom and Pop stores have that let’s them know someone has come in just in case they’re in the back stockroom?

My dilemma was that we have a friend living with us and she’s on a normal sleep schedule while my husband and I get up before the roosters have reached their full REM sleep.  I’d already set off that blasted doorbell when I walked out of the house.  Now, I’m sitting in my truck debating:

Do I go on to work and hope for the best or do I go back in and set that stupid doorbell off again, thus risking waking her up?


Fortunately for my co-workers, I decided to go back in and take care of the problem.  Heck, even if I had put it on previously, I now had double protection.  And with this stifling humidity we have this morning, it was a GOOD THING!!





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