Walk A Mile

Back in junior college I was a part of the BSU (Baptist Student Union) and each year during Spring Break we took a mission's trip to a particular city/area. My first trip was to the Rachel Sims Missions Center in New Orleans, Louisiana. We were told the mission was located in one of the worst … Continue reading Walk A Mile


Charismatic Weirdness

I saw an article headline about a Charismatic "prophet" that said "chem trails" were satan's way of messing with "God's frequency". (https://reformationcharlotte.org/2019/05/06/charismatic-prophet-says-satan-uses-chemtrails-to-block-gods-frequency-and-worship/) WOW!!! He doesn't serve the God of the Bible then if he thinks God can be hindered by a few wispy chem trails. Too many people these days are giving the devil more … Continue reading Charismatic Weirdness